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July 7-9, 2022
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Increase Sales for Your Online Course or Coaching Program
During this LIVE 3-day Virtual Retreat... for FREE
Join us for 3 days of Top Strategies to Grow the Sales of Your Online Course or Program.
We Believe You'll Receive so Much Value that We're Inviting You to Attend and Only PAY AFTER THE EVENT, Once You've SEEN How Our Strategies will Improve Your Sales Funnels!
July 7-9, From the Comfort of Your Own Home!
You have built a course or coaching program but it hasn't produced the sales and results you know it deserves to generate. You feel aligned with God will, but something is missing. God has put you on a path, but you still need a guide. Join me for a 3-day marketing retreat and in 3 short days, learn the keys to unlocking the potential of your course and your impact in the Kingdom.

Get ready to skyrocket your business with us in this
Immersive, Interactive Online Retreat from the comfort of your own home (no travel, no wasted time and money, there full days of focused interaction for rapid results)

Yes, it's an old-fashioned honor system... 
Because as a faith- based entrepreneur we know if you receive business-building value we generously deliver from our decade of success in the industry, you'll not only want to pay for the event, but you'll be a fan for life!
Skyrocket the Sales of Your Courses and Coaching Programs When You Understand...
#1: How to FIND & SERVE the people who need our courses and coaching programs
This is about loving our God, our work and our people. Enjoying the gift we've been given and making it an act of worship, not a stressful must. 
#2: How to SELL our products and services online so that the message can multiply
This is about nurturing and teaching for maximum impact and multiplied influence. Nothing slimey, sleazy or salesy here, just service that yields results to God.
#3: How to BUILD deeper RELATIONSHIPS w/our colleagues and audience to further the work of the Kingdom
This is about seeing the vision for great impact in the Kingdom. Together we can do more for our people & for the name of Christ.

That’s Why We Created “Handprint Legacy LIVE”!

Our 3-Day Virtual Retreat Training To Help You Master the Recipe 
for Better Funnels & Increased Sales that Will Grow Your Kingdom Business!

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What Exactly is “Handprint Legacy LIVE”?

It’s a 3-day immersive Christian Marketing retreat that I will be streaming from our offices here in Campeche, Mexico… 

I've now taught this material to 300+ Attendees at our live retreats, and I can't wait to share it with you! 
Day 1 : 🎁
The Recipe - of P.L.E.N.T.Y for Your Business
Upgrade Vision and Mindset Required for More Sales That Doesn't Compromise Your Values

Day 2: 🙏
The Worship - Loving the People, Doing the Work, Yielding the Results
Aquire the Sales Funnel Strategies that the Successful Know and Implement for Increased Income

Day 3: 🎉
The Wisdom - Collaboration, CHOTOMO and Legacy
Gain the Wisdom that Makes Competitors Friends, and Your Business Legacy Bigger Than Life

And On Top Of All The Training…
You Will Also Have Access To

Who Is The “Handprint Legacy LIVE” 
Marketing Retreat For?

Now you might be wondering who “Handprint Legacy LIVE” is for…

Well, it’s for those we call the 200% Committed and the 1% Crazy.

Now by Crazy I don’t mean people who like cotton candy ice cream… (that’s disgusting) 

It’s for the rare Christian who feels like your COURSE OR COACHING BUSINESS is worship… and that you want to change the world with the business God's placed in your hands… 

It’s for those who know they NEED to grow your reach online, impact your customers lives, and provide for your loved ones in a bigger way. 

The ones who get excited to learn about marketing, personal development and modeling what success looks like to others. 

​Those who don't quit when things are hard because your feel God's pleasure when your're teaching and coaching and your know you're meant to reach more people with your message. 

If that sounds like you... then welcome to the 1% Crazy, this marketing retreat was created for YOU!

Now, you’re probably wondering… 
“How Much Will It Cost To Have Katie Train You For 3 Days…?”

What would you pay to learn the steps that the committed Christian business owners are currently taking inside their businesses to scale their course and coaching sales?

If you could grab and implement just a handful of principles to make your marketing feel more in alignment with your values, and be easier...would it be worth it?

Can you even imagine the golden nuggets that they’ve already struggled with, learned the ‘hard way’, and are going to teach you (so you can have a major short-cut)?

During this priceless Handprint Legacy LIVE online Christian marketing retreat, you'll get to spend 3 FULLY packed days with Katie Hornor, as we unpack and dive deep into some of the TOP list building principles, mindset shifting biblical truths and funnel building tips to get your business on the path to growth.

We Wanted to Do Something Special

Normally if you were to attend any of our LIVE in-person retreats, it is $297-$4,997 per person.

And... you have flights… hotels… and food costs.

But, since we’re going to be streaming it LIVE into your home, or to your phone…

And because I want your business to GROW during these uncertain times…

What If We Let You Attend… For FREE!?!

Well, it’s kinda for free… Let me explain:

The virtual retreat costs $197 to attend…

BUT… I want to make sure that you LOVE it, BEFORE you pay…

So, this is how it works...

You just put in your payment information in to reserve your seat, but you won't be billed ANYTHING YET…
You Can Then Attend The Entire Retreat… For FREE…
And then AFTER the Retreat ends, IF you LOVE IT, and IF it changes your life…

Then do NOTHING, and we’ll bill you the $197 AFTER it’s over.

If For Some Reason You Decide That The Retreat Isn’t For You - Then On The Last Day, We'll Give You A Special Email Address, That You Can Email And Let Us Know That You Didn’t Think It Was Worth The $197…

If so, then we’ll cancel your order, and you will never pay anything.

Does that sound fair? 

Wonderful…! (That way, you only pay if you feel it was worth every penny!) 

This is not something that you buy... And then “hopefully you’ll get around to watching it later.” This is hands on, LIVE and interactive. There are no instant replays.

This is a LIVE event… it’s happening July 7-9th… They are FULL DAYS starting at 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific, with bonus night sessions…

That means you need to block out the time…

Take off work…

Get a babysitter for the kids… or better yet, INVITE THEM TO JOIN US!!!

And come prepared to learn and implement! 

Here's How it Works:

 Step #1 - Reserve Your Seat
The first step is to put in your payment information right now to reserve your seat at "Handprint Legacy LIVE!"

 Step #2 - Attend The Virtual Retreat
Next, you attend the 3-Day online virtual Christian marketing retreat and we help you create your FIRST OR NEXT funnel strategy for more sales.

You'll also get a sneak peek inside of our Handprint Legacy™ course funnels, 
and see some of our top converting processes of all time!
Step #3 - Decide If It Was Worth It!
At the end of the 3-Day LIVE retreat, if you don’t see a single improvement to your sales funnel strategy that can push your business forward, then just email us at our private email address (that we'll reveal at the end of the retreat), and you won't have to pay a penny!

But if you're like most people, you will LOVE the experience! If so, then do NOTHING, and we'll bill you the $197 ticket price AFTER the retreat is over.

Does that sound MORE than fair!?! 
 Lovely, then reserve your seat NOW, by filling out the form below:

STEP #1: Reserve Your Ticket 

STEP #2: Enter Your Payment Info

STEP #3: Enter Your Shipping Info for Retreat Materials


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What Our Past Attendees Have Said About the Event:

Your Event Hosts: 

Tap and Katie Hornor began their online business career twelve years ago from their kitchen table while balancing a baby on their laps. And in 2021, Katie was named one of the top 10 entrepreneurs to watch by Fox, NBC and CBS. Her Master's degree in Education and extensive teaching experience in different fields has distinguish her as a leader in the world of online courses and curriculum development.

Having studied under some of the biggest names in the speaker, influencer & online marketing space, and been invited to the stages of Jeff Walker, Bari Baumgardner, Jessika Phillips and others — Katie quickly became the go-to resource for her "experience first" and “business as worship” methods & mindset. 

The key to the Hornor's success is not the flower in Katie's hair (that's her physical reminder of God's favor on her and delight in her uniqueness). The key to their success is systems, fun, iteration and submitting it all to the knowledge and leading of God as the Owner of their business. 

Solid Bible-based marketing and student experience strategies have helped their clients double their income, retire their spouses, and create businesses they enjoy - all without having to "be like everybody else", and without  compromising their faith, their family or their values. 

Handprint Legacy is a company that helps existing coaches and course creators sell their courses and programs online. We make no claims or representation that by using our content you will earn money or make your money back. This video presentation and the testimonials and are hereby used for educational and exemplary purposes only, they are not intended to incite sales. While they may show real experiences from paying users of Handprint Legacy, their business’s results are not typical, and your business’s experience will vary based upon the effort and education of your business’s employees and management, the business model that is implemented, and market forces beyond anyone’s control.

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